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The #1 Common Core-aligned math and spelling app for kids. LoonyLearn is for parents and teachers who want to inspire learning, improve scores, and see results. Try it free for 14 days!
customizable learning experience

Customizable Learning

Our library of math and spelling games can be played with any of our math and spelling topics. Simply assign a topic or let our self-guided curriculum choose a topic, then let your child choose the game they want to play.
improve scores


Ensure your child receives the right support. Our curriculum...
  • Adapts to student needs
  • Inspires learning in Math and English Language Arts
  • Aligns to the Common Core State Standards
see results


Monitor your student’s progress on your personal dashboard. Your dashboard shows you real-time data on…
  • Time spent practicing
  • Student mistakes
  • Grade-level proficiency
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“LoonyLearn is so much fun. It has great challenges, it has great adventures. It’s good, great, amazing, excellent. But excellent is the most one I would circle. Excellent. Not any of the other ones. Just excellent. I love LoonyLearn.” Sophia, 3rd Grade
“Loony learn is a fun and interactive way to keep kids learning without them even knowing it. They look forward to playing every time without complaints.” Peter, Parent
“I love LoonyLearn because it is easy to use and my students love playing the games! From my teacher dashboard, I can assign students topics individually, which is great for when I have kids who have fallen behind. I can make sure they relearn what they missed without slowing down the rest of the class.” Sam, 3rd Grade Teacher

Fun for Kids,
Convenient for Parents & Teachers!

Our platform makes learning fun for students with a gamified curriculum. We used the principle of Flow Theory to create games that are educational but also engaging for students. Parents and teachers love LoonyLearn because of our dashboards. As students play, all of their data is tracked and sent to the parent or teacher dashboard, then it is displayed in easy to interpret graphs and charts. You don’t have to be an educator to understand how your student is progressing!

Get ahead, catch-up or stay on track with our complete Common Core math and spelling curriculums

learning math
Counting, Adding, Subtraction, Base-ten, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Geometry, Measurement, and much more
learning spelling
Create your own spelling list or choose from our complete spelling curriculum for kids K – 5 th grade

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